/ 2002 - Gestion des stocks 2

Metamorphosis. Net Art Presentation
Curator: Kristina Inciuraite
installation - interface web - processus participatif
Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, 2002
Collaboration avec Sylvie Bourguet, Laurent Neyssensas.

Having combined the human and technical possibilities, the hypermedia project "Warehouse Operation" (GDS) will be focused on building a warehouse of various objects and materials. During the GDS project a warehouse of various objects sent in by people will be established in the Contemporary Art Centre. The technical and human possibilities, consisting of a link to a website and a warehouse established in a concrete physical space, provides a possibility to find oneself in this warehouse with the help of the link and see the objects held in it. The communication mechanism is based on the circulation of commands and responses between the users and operators. Users communicate with operators physically staying in the warehouse on the internet. With the help of the link users send in their orders, and operators in the warehouse respond to them by concrete actions. When responding, the operators confirm the locally performed actions and in this way transform the link. The process consists of a sequence of specific actions, whose beginning and order the user indicates to the operator in the warehouse: * selecting objects and taking them out of the warehouse * transferring them to a separate zone and creating an identification document * exhibiting and general identification * placing them back to the warehouse. In a separate zone a document representing the object, generally accessible with the help of the link, is presented. Any user can attribute to the observed object a meaning that he considers the most appropriate, or can present rational or imagination-based assessments and in this way create the general memory of the warehouse objects. In this way a link between the digital and physical reality is established. The developing relation between these two forms of being makes one to take a new look at the mutual relations of humans/machines and the perception of the net-generated reality. (see on CAC website)

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