The Latency of the Moving Image in New Media
Vue d'exposition

May 25, 2007 12:00 pm to June 9, 2007
Telic Arts Exchange, Los Angeles
Curated by Eduardo Navas

“The Latency of the Moving Image in New Media” purposefully overlaps the presentation by TROYANO collective on Art and Digital Culture, to take place on May 24. The exhibit in combination with the talk are meant to provide a space for critical reflection on the ongoing development of media culture. What separates new media from previous media is in part waiting periods that define public and private experience; whether the download of a file from the Internet is taking longer than expected, an e-mail message has not been sent from one server to another for some unknown reason, or a large file is being rendered in video software like Final Cut Pro for output as a viewable movie, new media is largely dependent on constant moments of waiting, often referenced as latency. “The Latency of the Moving Image in New Media” presents artists who make the most of latency as a crucial element in their works. Some of the works included in the exhibition are to be experienced online while others are to be seen as projections in an actual space, and others are downloadable interactive projects developed as freeware. The works will be available for viewing at TELIC in a way that is sensitive to their original contexts. A website will also be available for viewers outside of Los Angeles to experience the online projects, and to give information about those that are only viewable in the art space. Artists participating in the exhibition include:
Art blogs:
Corey Eiseman (Miami, Florida, US)
Gustavo Romano (Buenos Aires, AR)
Online art:
Arcangel Constantini (Mexico City, MX)
Yann Le Guennec (Lorient, FR)
Videos: Jorge Castro (Cordoba, AR)
Antonio Mendoza (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Katherine Sweetman (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Audiovisual interfaces:
Fuss! Members include Raúl Marco Padilla and Guillermo López, (Madrid, ES) and Timo Daum, (Berlin, DE) Brian Mackern (Montevideo, UY) Julia Masvernat (Buenos Aires, AR)